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'''Daniel Harvey Hill''' (July 12, 1821 – September 24, 1889) was a Confederate States Army|Confederate general during the American Civil War and a Southern scholar. He was known as an aggressive leader, and as an austere, deeply religious man, with a dry, sarcastic humor. He was brother-in-law to Stonewall Jackson, a close friend to both James Longstreet and Joseph E. Johnston, but disagreements with both Robert E. Lee and Braxton Bragg cost him favor with President of the Confederate States|Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Although his military ability was well respected, he was underutilized by the end of the Civil War on account of these political feuds. Daniel Harvey Hill is usually referred to as '''D.H. Hill''' in historical writing, in part to distinguish him from A.P. Hill, who served with him in the Army of Northern Virginia.
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